Swim Levels

How to Get Started?

First, pick a level you feel your child should start at.  Please be honest and realistic about your child’s abilities.  It will benefit them in the long run to learn at the right pace.  For example, you read through the list of classes and your child can do everything listed in Learn To Swim Level 1.  Sign your child up for a Level 2 class.  If you’re not sure what your child can do, better to start in a lower level and be moved up than to start too high and struggle.  We are looking to build confidence and have a positive experience with your student.

Preschool: Basic swim skills and comfort in the water
Level 1: Basic swim skills and independence
Level 2: Starting to swim without help for the width (the short side) of the pool
Level 3: Can swim the length of the pool without assistance and is ready to learn the basic swim strokes (we learn 3 strokes at this level)
Level 4: Has learned the 3 basic swim strokes and is ready to learn the 3 more complicated strokes. 
Level 5: Knows all the strokes and is ready to start perfecting them.  Starting to learn more intense diving skills.
Adult Swim: Ready to learn the basic swim strokes for lap swimming or triathlon training.

Here is a link to the class descriptions with more specific details...  

We will be teaching Preschool at all levels, Learn to Swim Level 1,2,3,4, and 5.  We will also be offering private lessons that can be set up outside the normal class hours.  Private lessons are for those looking for more one on one attention.  Private lessons are for kids ages 6-18, preschool ages 3-5, adults, triathlon training, stroke perfection, or swimming for fitness.  You may schedule as many or as little of the private lessons as you feel you need.

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