Come Swim With Us!

Welcome to Taylor Swim Lessons!  We are excited to teach swimming to all ages and levels.  Please use the links to the right for any navigational questions.  There are links to pricing, schedule, swim levels, contact information, and how to sign up to swim with us.


Summer Schedule 2017

If you sign up for classes, you are committed to paying in full.  If there are needs for cancellations, please give 2 weeks notice before your class begins for a full refund.  Please write in your name and phone number on the sheets document. Scroll all the way to the right to see all of the sessions.

Here is a link to the google document to sign up.


We will be holding 3 sessions as follows...  

Session 1 June 5-15 

Session 2 July 10-20 

Session 3 July 25-August 3  

** Private Lesson Requests are welcome for any time March-October 2017.  Please contact me personally to set any times outside of the published summer schedule on google sheets.

Lessons will happen rain or shine unless otherwise notified.  No make up days will be provided unless 2 classes in a row are cancelled by the teacher.  Then the lesson will be moved to the soonest following date.

Swim Levels

How to Get Started?

First, pick a level you feel your child should start at.  Please be honest and realistic about your child’s abilities.  It will benefit them in the long run to learn at the right pace.  For example, you read through the list of classes and your child can do everything listed in Learn To Swim Level 1.  Sign your child up for a Level 2 class.  If you’re not sure what your child can do, better to start in a lower level and be moved up than to start too high and struggle.  We are looking to build confidence and have a positive experience with your student.

Preschool: Basic swim skills and comfort in the water
Level 1: Basic swim skills and independence
Level 2: Starting to swim without help for the width (the short side) of the pool
Level 3: Can swim the length of the pool without assistance and is ready to learn the basic swim strokes (we learn 3 strokes at this level)
Level 4: Has learned the 3 basic swim strokes and is ready to learn the 3 more complicated strokes. 
Level 5: Knows all the strokes and is ready to start perfecting them.  Starting to learn more intense diving skills.
Adult Swim: Ready to learn the basic swim strokes for lap swimming or triathlon training.

Here is a link to the class descriptions with more specific details...  

We will be teaching Preschool at all levels, Learn to Swim Level 1,2,3,4, and 5.  We will also be offering private lessons that can be set up outside the normal class hours.  Private lessons are for those looking for more one on one attention.  Private lessons are for kids ages 6-18, preschool ages 3-5, adults, triathlon training, stroke perfection, or swimming for fitness.  You may schedule as many or as little of the private lessons as you feel you need.


Group Lessons: (4-6 people) 8 half hour lessons will be $50 per person.

Private Lessons: (1-2 people AT THE SAME LEARNING LEVEL) $20 per half hour session or $160 for 8 half hour lessons 

Adult Swim: same price as the group lessons

You can pay by check, cash, Venmo, (lecaunplugged) or PayPal (lecaunplugged@gmail.com) If paying with PayPal please use my email and select "friends and family" to avoid any extra charges.


**No makeup classes will be held if you fail to show up for your scheduled time.  

**Please give 2 weeks notice before your class begins for cancellations or you will be charged for your session.  

**Classes missed due to weather will not be made up unless the class is cancelled more than two days during a session.

Contact Information

Aleca Taylor

cell phone 262-215-1906 
email lecaunplugged@gmail.com

Classes will be taught at:

5026 N Ravencrest Ln
(Eagle Summit)

Aleca Taylor

Breckyn Taylor

Zoey Taylor

Pool Rules

Please make your payment two weeks before the first lesson.

You are welcome to stay and watch swimming lessons, or you can drop your child off and pick them up at the appropriate time.  

Anyone not taking lessons needs to stay in the seating area so there are fewer distractions for the students. 

You are only allowed in the pool during your scheduled lesson time.

Please wait by the side of the pool for your teacher to start your lesson.

NO gum, band-aids, glass, running, pushing, wrestling, or potty in the pool.